Yinan Zhao

Research Scientist
Facebook Reality Labs, Burlingame, CA

Email: yinanzhao (at) fb (dot) com

Short Bio

I am a Research Scientist in Facebook Reality Labs (FRL). I finished my Ph.D in Computer Science in The University of Texas at Austin in 2021, supervised by Prof. Danna Gurari. I obtained my bachelor degree at Tsinghua University in 2015. I have also spent time in Adobe Research and University of Toronto.

My research interests lie in Computer Vision and Deep Learning.


Objectness-Aware One-Shot Semantic Segmentation
Yinan Zhao, Brian Price, Scott Cohen, Danna Gurari
Captioning Images Taken by People Who Are Blind
Danna Gurari, Yinan Zhao, Meng Zhang, Nilavra Bhattacharya
ECCV 2020
[pdf] [project page]
Assessing Image Quality Issues for Real-World Problem
Tai-Yin Chiu, Yinan Zhao, Danna Gurari
CVPR 2020
Unconstrained Foreground Object Search
Yinan Zhao, Brian Price, Scott Cohen, Danna Gurari
ICCV 2019
[pdf] [poster]
VizWiz-Priv: A Dataset for Recognizing the Presence and Purpose of Private Visual Information in Images Taken by Blind People
Danna Gurari, Qing Li, Chi Lin, Yinan Zhao, Anhong Guo, Abigale Stangl, Jeffrey P. Bigham
CVPR 2019
[pdf] [supplementary]
Predicting How to Distribute Work Between Algorithms and Humans to Segment an Image Batch
Danna Gurari, Yinan Zhao, Suyog Dutt Jain, Margrit Betke, Kristen Grauman
IJCV 2019
[pdf] [IJCV version]
Guided Image Inpainting: Replacing an Image Region by Pulling Content from Another Image
Yinan Zhao, Brian Price, Scott Cohen, Danna Gurari
WACV 2019


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